Do you know how many demerit points you have?

You should. Your job depends on it.

With suspension from driving being the result of 100 + Demerit Points, every New Zealander’s employment is threatened with every infringement and Demerit Point you incur. Knowledge is power – find out now.

Licence Suspended

Don’t be one of thousands of kiwis caught by surprise every year

If you have more than 100 demerit points your licence will be suspended. You won’t know about it until the police knock on your door or you receive a suspension notice in the mail.

Don’t waste your day on hold with the NZTA.

Jump the queue with our easy online form. We’ll email you a summary of your demerit points balance. This written record shows all demerit points over the last 7 years, along with any licence suspensions resulting from demerits.


Check your demerit points

We are an agent for the NZTA, we provide exactly the same Demerit Point and Suspension History that the NZTA provides when you ask for your demerit points history. But you do not have to spend an hour waiting in a phone queue for a call centre, and our form takes 15 seconds to complete.

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